Ortachali - Niko Pirosmani

La rosa incarnata del suono (2014)

A purplish and sinuous resounding nebula, dreamlike and fragile, and a collection of distorsions with violent and sharp signs, an alphabet composed of silver and bronze characters, clinking coal splinters, at times a smutty, dense, fine dust.

On the backdrop are barely visible the real sound sources of these two opposing substances: a ship’s metal gate scratching the dock of a pier and the string of a violin, played with deep pressure at ten vulnerable points.

The unfolding of the reaction coming out of this heterogeneous matter and its microscopic exploration goes along with three images (ropes in tension, pulleys, bees and street scenes) without any purpose of telling a story. Rather, the pleasure induced by their mutual contact is an end in itself.


Second Cycle – Metal bridges, silver, bronze, nebulas