Untitled#2 (2007/08)

Preparatory study to Under the skin.

Sound sources: “A” string of the violin, synthesized sounds.

First approach to the vocality of Mugam singers. The A open string of the violin is played – insisting on the same tuning – with different degrees of pressure, speckling the fundamental note with distorsions and turning the melismas of Azerbaijani music into a changing tone-colour modulation, resorting to the use of filterings as well.
Materials with similar origin have been deprived of the harmonics, obtaining sounds close to a gaseous, sinuous substance.
The synthesized sounds have been processed working on filterings, on the envelopes – drawing complex functions and varying their profile with several degrees of perturbation – and on the montage of splinters of samples made of the sum of waveforms having their frequencies in a range between 1 and 10 Hz.